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From their personal relationship to time to their verdict on the clothes, see the #DiorSummer20  men’s collection by @MrKimJones  through the eyes of #StarsinDior. 

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From his fitting to the D-Day of the #DiorSummer20  men’s show, get an exclusive window into singer @JBalvin ’s experience of the event and hear what he has to say about the new collection by @MrKimJones  in collaboration with artist @DanielArsham !

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Curious to find out more about the collaboration between @MrKimJones  and @DanielArsham  for the set of the #DiorSummer20  men's show? We've got it covered in this behind-the-scenes video. See how the project came to life! Film director: @MelindaTriana 

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The #DiorSummer20  men's collection, designed by @MrKimJones  in collaboration with artist @DanielArsham , explored the notion of the relic and how it relates to Dior as a couture house. An interplay between the past, present and future, the collection uses House 'relics' like the #DiorOblique  monogram and the newspaper print that was first used 20 years ago. Another relic, the #DiorSaddle , is joined by #DiorxRimowa  pieces created in collaboration with @Rimowa. ⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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Much like the scenography by @DanielArsham  from Friday's show, the sneakers introduced in the #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  come in pale, shaded and gradient colors, as if marked by the passage of time. Swipe to discover them all!⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  features a gradient #DiorSaddle  that mirrors the scenography by artist @DanielArsham.  The iconic accessory is shown here accompanied by a spin on the iconic toile de Jouy print hand painted by kimono craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan. © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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For the #DiorSummer20  collection by @MrKimJones , artist and collaborator @DanielArsham  recasts the form of the iconic #DiorSaddle  bag as an artifact: the resulting bags will be 3-D printed in a limited edition run!⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The emblematic #DiorSaddle  bag from the #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  is revisited in the House's iconic newspaper print — originally presented as part of the Spring-Summer 2000 #DiorCouture  collection — redrafted by artist @DanielArsham  for the collection.⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The backpack and #DiorSaddle  bag from the #DiorSummer20  collection by @MrKimJones  features one of the House's most iconic prints. The tone-on-tone #DiorOblique  monogram together with the shading evoke sculptural elements, like a bas-relief.⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The idea of a relic in terms of an artifact is conveyed through many of the collection's accessories, including this white, artfully eroded logo vizor by @DanielArsham.  The #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  also brings a newly drafted version of the House's iconic newspaper print that first debuted 20 years ago.⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The transparent boots from the #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  are replicas of the shoes worn by both the line's guest artist @DanielArsham  and the House's petites mains in the ateliers. A collection leitmotif, the boots accessorized all of the looks at Friday's show. ⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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The #DiorSummer20  men's collection by @MrKimJones  features looks embellished with elaborate micro pleats executed by the craftsmen at Maison #Lognon  and @Maison_Lemarie.  To ensure flawless color gradations, the House enlisted the help of a Paris atelier specializing in hand painting and hand spraying.⠀ © @Jackie_Nickerson 

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