Lace up and #RunForTheOceans 


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Some find opportunity in their game, others make them. Nikita Kucherov, NHL MVP. #HereToCreate  .@nikitakucherov86 

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“There’s a quote I read about a year ago that really stuck with me, ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger,’ and for me that means someone being their authentic self while chasing their dream.”@nikkihiltz  . Inspiring the next generation to be proud of who they are starts with showing them how. #LoveUnites 

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Imagine being told you can’t win when it counts. ‬ ‪You don’t have what it takes.‬ ‪You’re not built for this.‬ ‪And then imagine shutting out the noise, defeating the reigning champions, and bringing your franchise its first NBA title. @kyle_lowry7  #HereToCreate 

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Every participant makes a difference in the race to keep our oceans clean. For every km run, $1USD will be contributed to Parley Ocean School (capped at $1.5 million) to educate today’s youth on how to create a better future for our planet. . Head to adidas.com/RunForTheOceans to sign up now. .#adidasParley  @parley.tv 

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Less than 10% of global plastic waste is recycled. Although it might seem like an overwhelming challenge, there are simple actions we can take to help drive the change we need. And when millions of people make them together, we can have real impact. . Sign up to #RunForTheOceans  at adidas.com/RunForTheOceans .#adidasParley  @parley.tv 

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Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Lace up and join in as we #RunForTheOceans  to take action against marine plastic pollution. . Sign up now at adidas.com/RunForTheOceans .#adidasParley  @parley.tv 

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This time, you create your ending.@MoSalah : @ChampionsLeague  Winner#DareToCreate 

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Born from liquid. Sculpted by light. Perfected by oxygen. This is what happens when sport meets Silicon Valley. . ALPHAEDGE 4D, available at adidas.com/4D .#ALPHAEDGE  #ADIDAS4D 

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Our oceans are filling up with plastic at a staggering rate. But if we come together, we can create change. . Lace up and join us as we #RunForTheOceans  - learn more at adidas.com/RunForTheOceans .#adidasParley  @parley.tv 

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In 1999, Sergio Garcia stood behind a tree, closed his eyes, and made a shot. Because sometimes, you just have to believe in the power of your own mind. Here’s to 20 years of imagination. .@thesergiogarcia  #HereToCreate 

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When you’ve won London three times, the only thing left to do is imagine the fourth. @marykeitany  #HereToCreate 

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In Virginia Beach where it all began, @Pharrell  continues his vision to unite the human race at Something in the Water festival. .#HereToCreate  #SITWfest 

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